Thursday, March 22, 2007

Starting a New Project!

This was supposed to be yesterday's post--something new called Writer's Wednesday. But obviously I was too caught up in starting my new project to take time to blog. LOL

Starting a new book is always an exciting time for any author. There are so many new characters to learn about (or old ones being revisited) and a myriad of new ideas and exciting plots to explore. There is always an air of anticipation when you stare at the blank screen, fingers poised over the keyboard--or if you prefer pen and paper, your fingers clutching the pen--ready to begin.

Those first few days, the sheer adrenaline will cause you to write page after page. You want to get everything down quickly before you forget one single word or idea--which is why it's a good idea to jot ideas down on a pad of paper if they're not until later in the book. Too many times when I first started writing, I swore I'd remember those wonderful ideas, only to discover weeks later that all I could remember was that I'd had a good idea. Now, I commit everything to a notepad. Even if I don't use the ideas in this book, I might use them in another. That's happened more than once!

Ah, the early days of a new project when all is well and the possibilites are endless. That times passes and soon you are into the part of the project which is the hardest for most writers--the middle. But that's another story altogether and one I'll tell you more about next week!

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