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5 Things I Love About Halloween

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Halloween Countdown Day 30--Wolf in his Soul

Wolf in her Soul is very unique in that it had two separate "new" release dates. It was the last book of mine released by Samhain Publishing before they closed their doors and was only available for a week. So when Entangled Publishing signed me, they decided to edit it again and launch it anew. The two versions of the books are mostly the same, but there have been some cuts in the newer version to make it a bit tighter.

Wolf in her Soul     
Salvation Pack, Book 8

Detective Reece Gallagher has spent the last decade working as a cop in Chicago so he can search for her—the red-haired woman who haunts his dreams. He’s just about ready to give up and go home to Salvation, North Carolina, when he finally finds her. But she’s the assault victim on a case he’s working on, and there’s a full-blooded werewolf who wants her dead. He needs to keep her safe and convince her she’s his mate.

Hannah Burdette has a secret she’s never told anyone. But there is someone who knows who—or rather, what—she is. There’s a stalker after her who plans to rid the world of her “impure” blood. When the cop she meets turns out to be a werewolf and claims she doesn’t have to be alone anymore, she’s wary. But where better to hide from a bloodthirsty hunter than in the middle of North Carolina with the security of a pack surrounding her?

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Halloween Countdown Day 29--Wolf in his Heart

Wolf in his Heart
Salvation Pack, Book 7

Half-breed werewolf Sage Gallagher can’t shift, but he’s a member of the Salvation Pack and a wolf where it counts. When he finds who he thinks is a lost hiker while camping in the Great Smoky Mountains, he’s surprised to find she’s a full-blooded wolf who ignites in him the instinct to take her home to where he and his pack can protect her, no matter how skeptical and untrusting she is of his offer.

After Rina rejects her parents’ choice for a mate, she’s exiled from her pack. That’s a dangerous position for any wolf to be in. Now she has a human hunter on her trail. Rina doesn’t trust easily, especially not half-breeds—who she was raised to fear and revile. But there’s something about Sage that calls to her. Soon Rina’s in more danger than ever—danger of losing her heart.

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Halloween Countdown Day 28--Wolf on a Mission

Wolf on the Hunt was supposed to be the final Salvation Pack book, but I wasn't ready to let this pack go just yet.

Wolf on a Mission
Salvation Pack, Book 6

Elias Gallagher is the guardian of his teenage nephews, and he knows the world’s not a safe place for a werewolf without pack—especially if they’re half-breeds, like the twin boys. He’s heard there’s an accepting pack in North Carolina, so that’s where he’s headed when he runs into the one person he’d given up hope of ever finding—his mate. Even more surprising than finding his mate, is realizing she’s human.

Sue Walsh is solely focused on taking care of her five-year-old son. With her ex fighting her for custody and local hunters making her life complicated, she doesn’t have time for an attraction to a ruggedly handsome stranger, especially one with a secret that is going to rock her world.

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Thank you for 16 years!


16 years and 106 book releases ago, my first book was published by Ellora's Cave on October 27, 2004. What a strange and wonderful ride it's been since the release of Annabelle Lee (currently available as Uncovering Annabelle.)

Since then, I've had books published with Samhain Publishing, Carina Press, Beyond the Page Publishing, The Naughty Literati, and Entangled Publishing, not to mention the indie anthologies I've been a part of.

(Some original covers and some reprint covers. Not all books are currently available.)

Thank you to all the publishers, editors, fellow writers, and readers for making it possible for me to make my living as a writer. It's been a gift to me.

I'm hoping this continues for many years to come.

Halloween Countdown Day 27--Wolf on the Hunt

Wolf on the Hunt
Salvation Pack, Book 5

Gray Everson is sure she’s found the perfect quiet place to work on her paintings, until hunters start shooting up the forest around the cabin she rented and she finds a wounded wolf. But the animal she hides from the hunters is no regular wolf—he’s something Gray never imagined could be real.

Louis LaForge’s focus has always been on protecting his pack, but the instant attraction he feels to the artist who saves him changes everything. There’s something about Gray he can’t figure out—until he gets close enough to touch her. He knows pushing Gray too far, too fast is risky, but there are still hunters around, and his former pack is coming for him. There’s only one way to protect everyone he loves.

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 My publisher is having a Halloween Sale and marking down some fabulous paranormal books.

For a very LIMTED time, you can get FURY UNLEASHED for only 99-cents!

(Not at Barnes & Noble due to the problems they're having with their site.)

Fury Unleashed

Forgotten Brotherhood, Book 1


Maccus Fury, a fallen angel, is trying hard to keep his sanity. Seems being an assassin might be catching up with him. Now, Heaven, or Hell, has sent a beautiful assassin to kill him. Lovely. She’s pretending to seduce him, and he’s okay with that. She’s smart and snarky—but she has no idea what she’s walked into. And he’s more than peeved that they only sent one person. They’re going to need an army if they want him dead.

Morrigan Quill is one of Hell’s bounty hunters. She sold her soul to keep her sister safe, and now she’s working off her contract by catching bad guys and dragging them back to hell. When Lucifer makes her a new offer––that’s definitely too good to be true—she can’t say no. All she has to do is kill a powerful and crazy-hot fallen angel, who will totally kick her ass in battle.

Good thing he won’t see what’s coming next.






Halloween Countdown Day 26--Wolf from the Past

Gator Rollins has a way about him. He made me fall in love with him with a wink and a smile. He loves to cook and seems very laid back, but beneath that veneer is a very deadly werewolf.

Wolf from the Past
Salvation Pack, Book 4

For years, everyone believed Sylvie LaForge Dubois was dead, and she worked hard to keep it that way. Now that her abusive, dangerous mate is dead, she’s come back to face everyone. But it’s harder than she thought it would be, especially when Gator Rollins watches her every move, making her uneasy and excited all at once. She never imagined she’d want another man, but her attraction to Gator is too strong to fight.

Before Gator had the chance to tell Sylvie how he felt about her, she was mated to someone else and then killed. Now she’s back, and there’s nothing he won’t do to protect her and get that second chance he never thought he’d have.

But Sylvie is in more danger than ever when her old pack learns she’s still alive And if they get to her, there’s no coming back from the dead twice.

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Halloween Countdown Day 25--Wolf on the Run

Cole Blanchard is the strong, silent type who has no need to prove to anyone just how tough and dangerous he is. He has a very strong code of right and wrong and will do anything to protect his pack and those he cares about. He is one very special werewolf.

Wolf on the Run
Salvation Pack, Book 3

Cherise and her mother had to run from their pack when everyone realized Cherise couldn’t shift. Now her mother’s gone, murdered by the hunters after them, and Cherise is all alone and out of options. When the people she’s running from catch up to her in Salvation, North Carolina, she’s saved by the biggest, baddest werewolf she’s ever seen.

Disposing of the intruders on his pack’s land is easy for Cole, but convincing the skittish woman the trespassers were after that she’s safe is another story. He recognizes her as his mate right off, and he’ll protect her no matter what, even if it means risking everything to face her former pack.

Cherise never thought she’d find a wolf she could trust, but she’s never met a Salvation wolf before now, and her mate is not about to let anything come between them.

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Halloween Countdown Day 24--Wolf in her Bed

Wolf in her Bed
Salvation Pack, Book 2

Anny Conrad is a thirty-year-old single librarian, She knows she’s a bit of a cliché—she even has the two cats to prove it—so when Mr. Tall, Dark, and Dangerous asks her for a dance, she throws caution to the wind and indulges in what she’s sure will be one night of spectacular passion with a man as rugged and untamed as a hero in one of the books she loves she read.

Armand LaForge and his small pack are fighting for their lives against the vicious Louisiana pack they broke away from. If timing is everything, this is the worst possible time to meet his mate—especially a human mate. But now that he’s found her, he can’t let her go, even though dragging her into his world means she’s a target now, too.

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Halloween Countdown Day 23--Wolf at the Door

My Salvation Pack series is one of my most popular. It all started with the premise, "What if a group of 5 strong werewolves broke away from their pack?" Then I had to ask myself why they would do such a thing and how such a group dynamic would work since a wolf pack is all about dominance.

Writing this series has been an incredible joy. I love them all so much.

Wolf at the Door

Salvation Pack, Book 1

Gwendolyn Jones is working on an article about werewolves, not that she believes they exist. But there are people out there who do, like the nervous man who slips her a flash drive with information he claims will prove to the world shifters are out there. Gwen starts questioning just what to believe when two very real werewolves come knocking on her cabin door later that night.
Someone has a flash drive with pictures that could endanger his pack, and alpha Jacque LaForge will do whatever it takes to destroy it. But the something deep inside him ignites when he knocks on the door of that “someone”. He didn’t think he’d find a mate, or that when he did, she’d be human. But now that he has found Gwen, he knows he has a fight on his hands to protect her from his former vengeful pack who are out to hurt him by any means necessary.
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Halloween Countdown Day 22--Craig's Heart

I always assumed Damek's Redemption would be the final book in the Legacy series. Then one day, Craig Lawton tapped me on the shoulder one day and said, "What about me?" Turns out, there was one final story left to tell.

Craig’s Heart
Legacy, Book 7

This vampire’s heart is far from silent

Craig Lawton’s best friend is an ancient vampire and his two siblings are half werewolf, so he’s used to being the only human in the room. When he tries to help a new vampire in the throes of her transformation, he goes from “normal” to “paranormal”.

Left in an alley to become a monster like the one that attacked her, Evie Pelowski is confused, alone, and unable to control the strange bloodlust surging through her veins. When a Good Samaritan tries to help her, she’s does the unforgivable and turns him into a monster too.

They have a bond ignited by blood, but trust is hard won, even though Craig’s still determined to help her. But the vampire who turned Evie is out there, and both she and Craig have a new reality and future to face.

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I'm over at the Decadent Divas Blog

I'm over a the Decadent Divas blog today sharing some of my favorite Halloween movies!

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Halloween Countdown Day 21--Damek's Redemption

Damek fascinated me from the moment he stepped onto the page. This enigmatic vampire is a somewhat reluctant friend to many of the werewolves in this series. I knew he had to have his own book.

Damek’s Redemption
Legacy, Book 6   

Reality bites.

Sonia Agostino comes from a family of Keepers, humans charged with helping paranormal creatures in the modern world. Her research into myths and legends has led her to Inhibitions, a nightclub in Chicago. She suspects the reclusive and enigmatic owner could be the one paranormal creature she has never met—a vampire—only he won’t agree to see her.

One look at Sonia, and Damek knows she’s a serious threat to the disciplined routine that keeps his bloodlust in check. She’s also unwittingly led vampire hunters far too close for comfort. But in spite of the dangers and the complications, Damek can’t refuse her.

Sonia finds her loyalties tested, and they’re both faced with choices that will change their lives forever.

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Halloween Countdown Day 20--Finding Chrissten

Finding Chrissten
Legacy, Book 5

She’s been through hell, now he’ll show her heaven

Held in captivity for eighteen terrible months, Chrissten Lawton has a long recovery ahead of her. Rescued by the Haven pack, there’s one member in particular who refuses to leave her side, and who also awakens a part of her she thought she’d never get back.

From the moment Hank Brewer picks up Chrissten’s scent, he knows they’re true mates. No matter what is in their pasts, he’s determined to help her and prove she can trust him. He’s a half-breed, but he doesn’t do anything halfway.

But the shifter who claimed Chrissten against her will is on the loose, and he and his rogue pack won’t rest until they have Chrissten back in their clutches and have destroyed the Haven pack.

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Halloween Countdown Day 19--Quinn's Quest

Quinn’s Quest
Legacy, Book 4

They’re wrong for each other…perfectly wrong.

Bethany escapes a crazy doctor’s laboratory, but she’s unable to help Chrissten, the other woman kept captive there. How can she explain to the authorities that during the escape Chrissten shifted into a wolf, and she was kidnapped by the doctor in the first place because she might be part werewolf? Desperate for help and guilt-ridden for leaving Chrissten, her only hope is to find the woman’s twin brother.

Quinn has been searching for his missing sister without a single clue, until a phone call from a stranger rekindles his hope. Something sparks between Quinn and Bethany when they meet, but he doesn’t think he’ll be a good mate for anyone, let alone someone as gentle as Bethany. He’ll help her through the heat cycle she’s going into, but he can’t offer her a future. Of course, fate and biology might have other ideas…

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Halloween Countdown Day 18--Legacy Found

This is a very special book. It wasn't an easy one to write as it deals with some very dark subjects. James and Shelley are an example of resilience and the ability of the human heart to heal.

Legacy Found
Legacy, Book 3

She can’t outrun her past.

Shelley has been running from her past since she killed a man to escaped years of brutal captivity. There are bounty hunters on her trail and she’s all alone, a dangerous situation for a werewolf to be in. But for the first time in her life, she’s free to put the past behind her.

After a week of dealing with his late brother’s affairs, James Riley is feeling the pressure of his new responsibility as Wolf Creek pack alpha. He’s not too tired to notice his sexy waitress is a werewolf—and realize that she doesn’t seem recognize him as one of her own kind. When Shelly is fired, James offers to drive her to the next town, hoping he can convince her to come to his pack and explore what it means to be a shifter.

Shelly’s irresistibly drawn to James, but her past will not be denied...and her secrets demand a price paid in blood.

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Halloween Countdown Day 17--Isaiah's Haven

Isaiah is one intense and very, very dangerous werewolf, but he meets his match when he crosses paths with Meredith, who is alpha of her own pack.

Isaiah’s Haven
Legacy, Book 2

Love comes howling when you least expect it.

For Isaiah Striker, family always comes first. He leaves the woods he loves and travels to Chicago to do a favor for his brother, and his life is turned upside down after one look at Meredith Cross, the owner of Haven nightclub.

Meredith has held her small pack of outcasts and half-breeds together with steely determination. After years on the run, they've found a place to hide in plain sight from the bounty hunters and werewolf purists who would exterminate them. Meredith can't risk the lives of her pack over what she tells herself is just a little lust.

Isaiah knows his mate when he sees her, and he’s not giving up without a fight—and a fight is what he has on his hands, both from the stubborn woman who holds his heart in her hands and the bounty hunters and purists who want to kill her and her small pack.

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Halloween Countdown Day 16--Alexandra's Legacy

Alexandra's Legacy was my first werewolf book. I instantly fell in love with them. And while the Legacy Series is mostly about werewolves, there is a very special vampire who plays a huge role in their world.

Alexandra’s Legacy
Legacy, Book 1

The truth could get her killed.

Alexandra Riley’s predictable world is turned upside down when she discovers she’s the half-breed daughter of a legendary alpha werewolf—a sought-after prize to some, an abomination to others. The tall, dark stranger who bursts into her father’s garage shatters any illusion that she can continue with her normal life.

From the second Joshua Striker, enforcer for the Wolf Creek pack, sees Alex, she becomes a distraction he can’t afford. He’s come to the city to bring Alex to the safety of the pack. That’s it. But who is going to keep her safe from him? Because the wolf inside him is demanding he claim her—now.

From city streets to the mountains of North Carolina, the pair must evade bounty hunters out to kill any werewolf they can, wolves who want to claim Alex, and purists bent on eradicating half breeds. And with all this going on, Alex still has learn what it means to be a wolf and deal with the overbearing male determined to keep her safe.

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Halloween Countdown Day 15--Lure of the Jaguar

Lure of the Jaguar is the final book in the Hades' Carnival series. This is a very special series to me as a writer. I really pushed myself to do something different and loved every minute of it. 

Lure of the Jaguar
Hades’ Carnival, Book 7

With the ancient curse broken, the warriors serving the Lady of Beasts are free. Stavros, the only unmated warrior, retreats to the solitude of the Louisiana bayou, but he’s not alone there. The minute he sees the woman stalking wildlife with her camera, he realizes her for who she is—his mate.

When wildlife photographer Toni Richards is almost kidnapped her, she’s shocked when the rare jaguar who saves her then morphs into a man—a sexy man with a tattoo of a snarling jaguar on his back.

Good judgment flies out the window, and Stavros lets his animal instincts reign. Now that he’s found Toni, he can never let her go. He just hopes she’ll forgive him for what he must do to protect her soul.

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Halloween Countdown Day 14--Flame of the Phoenix

Flame of the Phoenix
Hades’ Carnival, Book 6

Phoenix is afraid—a first for the immortal warrior. Beautiful, forthright Tilly Ledet fires his mind and body. She’s been helping Phoenix and his shape-shifting comrades in their battle against Hades, and now she is in danger and doesn’t think she needs his protection.

When Phoenix shows up insisting she drop everything to go into hiding with him, Tilly balks. Phoenix is gorgeous, courageous, and convincing, and he also does something to her heart… But he’s an immortal shape shifter, and she’s human, not to mention they also have Hades on their trail, so giving in to the heat between them could send them both up in flames.

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Halloween Countdown Day 13--Heart of the Serpent

The Hades' Carnival series was intended to be 4 books, but after I wrote Howl of the Wolf I knew I wasn't done. I had to know what happened to the others, so I wrote 3 novellas to finish off the series.

Mordecai has been around since the very first book, but even I wasn't always quite sure where his loyalties lay. He's a very complex and fascinating character.

Heart of the Serpent
Hades’ Carnival, Book 5

After being trapped in his animal form for centuries by a curse, freedom is new and almost uncomfortable for shape-shifting warrior Mordecai. He did his time in Hell, and it left a stain on his soul and strained his ties with his fellow warriors.

Jessica enjoyed the easy friendship she had with Mordecai, but he’s grown as distant as the stars lately. Still, it’s impossible to stay away from him, and she’s sure he feels that irresistible pull, too.

Mordecai knows Hades can’t get to him physically, but although he might try to deny it, he knows he has a weak spot. Jessica. Worried that Hades could hurt her to get to him, Mordecai’s tried to keep his distance, but there’s no stopping this kind of connection.

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Halloween Countdown Day 12--Howl of the Wolf

When I look back at this series, it might be the most diverse one I've ever written. Each book is truly unique where the shifter hero is a different animal. In turn, the heroines are equally unique. Arand is a wolf who is not about to let anyone hurt the woman who set him free from thousands of years of captivity.

Howl of the Wolf
Hades’ Carnival, Book 4

Artist and tarot reader Sabrina can’t resist buying and bringing home the old carousel wolf she finds in an antique shop. She never imagined the wooden animal could come to life in her living room and shift into a dark, sexy man.

Arand is a cursed immortal warrior. He’s trapped until the touch of a particular woman frees him. After that, if he can stay alive for twenty four hours, his soul is safe from the Lord of the Underworld. But Hades will use all of his power to see both the warrior and his woman dead.

The unexplainable attraction between Arand and Sabrina won’t be denied, which means they have their hands full, since they’re also fighting for their lives and souls.

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Come Join Me

I'll be at the Mandy Roth's Reader's Group on Tuesday, October 13 at 1:00 CST -- 2:00 EST.

I'll be there for some fun and be giving away some prizes as well.

Halloween Countdown Day 11--Pride of the Lion

Leander is a lion shifter who knows what he wants. And what he wants right now is Araminta. While this is a dark paranormal romance there are some fun moments between the couple.

Pride of the Lion
Hades’ Carnival, Book 3

When Araminta Davidson is invited to participate in a readers’ appreciation weekend, she feels like she’s arrived as an author. But what starts out as a fun weekend quickly turns surreal and deadly when she accidentally releases a shape-shifting immortal warrior from a five-thousand-year-old curse.

Finally freed from the carousal he’s been trapped on, Leander denies Hades and vows to beat the second part of the curse and find a way to free his comrades. The woman who released him calls to his animal nature, and he realizes she’s his mate. But is she as innocent as she seems, or was she sent by Hades? The clock is ticking, but not fast enough. If he can stay alive and evade Hades for twenty-four hours, he might be able to figure it out.

Entangled Publishing: