Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend Treat!

I know it's early, but I'm heading out of town for the weekend for a mini-vacation.

This weekend, head out to a local farmer's market. There's always plenty to see and wonderful, fresh fruit and veggies to buy. Because it's local it's fresher and hasn't been shipped long distances so it's better for you and the environment.

See you when I get back.


Anonymous said...

Have great weekend NJ.
We've got fresh markets here in Singapore that make the mind boggle. There's the one down at China Town with all the Chinese herb and medicinal thingys. Ever seen dried seahorse?
The there's Little India, yep full of all the things you'd see in India.
Then we've got Little Arab Street, again all things you'd associate with those countries.
Then you've got the one's just dotting the whole place that hold a little of everything. Although, I'm still not used to walking in and seeing freshly killed chickens hanging up, feathers still on. (shuddering)

Anny Cook said...

Travel safely and have a great weekend!

charleneteglia said...

Love Farmer's Markets! Have fun. : )

N.J.Walters said...

Thanks, Ladies! I had a great few days away.

Those sound like amazing markets, Rhiana.