Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The End of Summer is Near

You can feel it in the air--the crisp, cool breeze that flows through the bedroom window at night. Summer is coming to an end. There's less than two weeks left in the month of August. Now, I don't mind autumn. In fact, it's my favorite time of year. That doesn't mean I'm not trying to wring the last bit of heat out of the summer.

I've been trying to relax and get outside when possible. After all, there will be plenty of time to write over the long, cold, snowy winter. In the past week, hubby and I have been to two movies. Totally different in style. The Expendables is a fabulous movie with an extraordinary cast. It's a shot 'em up and knock 'em down, good guys vs bad guys popcorn flick. If you love action movies, you gotta see this one. Stallone and company are absolutely over-the-top and they know it. You get some subtle humor along with amazing action scenes.

Yesterdays movie was quite different--Eat Pray Love. It's based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert and stars Julia Roberts. Now, in my opinion, you can't go wrong with a Julia Roberts' movie. She played the role to perfection and the director did a good job pulling out the major points of the book. Eat Pray Love is one woman's adventure of what she does when her life falls apart. I've read the book--twice. It's interesting and poignant and emotional. Whether or not you you think she did the right thing by going off by herself for a year or falling in love so quickly when one of the main problems in her life has been losing herself in relationships is irrelevant. It's a good movie.

Tomorrow we plan to spend a day downtown, browsing the small shops and having lunch. We might even check out a gallery or two. It's something we rarely do.

I guess what I'm saying is that while autumn is in the air, summer is still here. And I plan to try to get the most out of the next few weeks.

Happy Summer!


Kat said...

Sounds like fun. Have a good time shopping.

N.J.Walters said...

It's more about doing things together, but I'm sure I'll find something to buy. I think one shop carries homemade fudge...