Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, Monday

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Monday. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Those of you still enjoying the Victoria Day weekend, I hope you're having fun!

I've been pondering lately about work, specifically being an author and what that entails, which makes sense considering what I do for a living. It's a profession where much of what you do is out of your control but yet it is a profession that attracts so many people.


When you send off a submission to a publishing company you have no idea if it will be accepted and sometimes it takes months, if not a year to find out. Rejection is part of the job.

If you're lucky enough to have a manuscript acceped for publication, then you wait for edits. They arrived in your inbox, usually with little warning, and you have a set amount of time to get them done and back to your editor. There are deadlines for everything.

If you're lucky, you have some say in the cover art for your book, but that isn't always the case. (I've been very lucky in this respect and love all my covers!)

The book comes out and you have little control over if it does well or not. Sure you can advertise and promote, but you never really know if a book will go over well with readers or not. It's a crapshoot.

So, what is under an author's control?

The author decides what they are going to write. That's one of the best things about being a writer--streching yourself creatively. You get to dive into a world, into a set of characters and let your mind take flight. It's a beautiful thing.

You can write anywhere--at home, in the park, at the coffee shop, in your back garden--the list is endless.

You can write in your pajamas or your sweatpants. No one cares what you look like because you are your own boss.

You meet the most amazing people--online and in person.

If you get a book published you get to see something you created totally from your own mind released out into the world. You get to share your stories with others. And, if you are very lucky, you can make a living doing it.

It's a beautiful thing.

Have a fabulous day!


anny cook said...

The best part? The wonderful new friends you meet along the way!

Kat said...

I agree with Anny. Funny you should mention edits N.J. I just got lines in my email this morning.:-)

Ann Cory said...

Very much agree N.J. And I agree with Anny and Kat. Meeting new people who are creative and going through the same stuff - it's a good feeling.


N.J.Walters said...

That is the best part, Anny.

lol Good luck with your edits, Kat!

It is a wonderful feeling, Ann.