Monday, September 05, 2011


It's amazing how we take the city or town we live in for granted. We get used to doing the same things and going the same places over and over. That's just human nature.

Yesterday, hubby and I took a walk around a lake path. It's a lovely spot near the university and the hospital, and we've taken this walk many times before. Hubby jogs there often. There are open grassy fields, which wind into wooded paths. You can see birds and squirrels and it's quite a serene walk. Yesterday, I discovered something quite new.

The main path splinters off into shorter paths from time to time. I've always stuck to the main path. (Hmmm, wonder what a psychiatrist would have to say about that?) But, yesterday, we took one of the short paths and discovered something wonderful.

It was a small area with benchs and outdoor musical instruments. There were drums, a Xylophone, and these really wonderful freestanding pipe chimes. I couldn't resist and played every one of the instruments. Did I mention I'm musically challenged and can't play a note. Not that it mattered. There was only hubby and the squirrels to hear me, and neither of them complained. :)

The large, freestanding pipe chimes were my favorite. One of them sounded like it belonged in a Buddhist temple calling the monks to meditation. It resonated for quite some time after being struck.

I had a wonderful time discovering this small oasis off the beaten track. It made me stop and wonder how many other wonderful things exist within my city that I've never taken the time to discover. Who knows what I'll do next weekend.

Have a great Monday!

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Amber Skyze said...

Wow, that sounds like a fun discovery.
Happy Labor Day, NJ!