Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas Craft Fair

I know, I may be far too early for many of you, but hubby and I went to the first Holiday Craft Fair of the season yesterday. What can I say? I loved it!

The entire stadium was filled with rows of vendors selling everything from homemade sewn goods, stained glass, books, food, to costume jewelry. My favorites are always the artists who make their wares and the local book vendors. I especially enjoyed the fudge lady. She makes the best fudge and I have it once a year at this show. I bought a small amount of the chocolate amaretto, chocolate vanilla swirl and the cookie dough fudge. YUM!

I also purchase a set of 4 holiday placemats that can be used at Christmas and throughout the winter if I want. They're machine washable and were only $20. (If I remember, I'll post a picture of them.) I also found a lovely handpainted wooden ornament to send away to a friend for a gift.

That's part of my plan to help the local economy this year--buy from independent stores and craftspeople as much as possible. Sure, I'll have to hit the big stores at some point, but if at least 30% of my gifts come from small business, I'm helping them survive the economic downturn.

Either way, I'll be hitting the next Christmas Craft Fair in three weeks time. :)

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