Monday, November 21, 2011

Week in Review

I meant to write this post yesterday, but that's the kind of week it's been. Actually, the past couple of weeks have been busy and they're only going to get worse. It's the time of year when there's a lot going on. You know what I mean.

I want to start my Christmas holidays on December 22nd, but I have two books to rewrite and submit before then. And, if I get time, I want to at least get the rough draft of a novella done. We'll see. Luckily, I finished the rough draft of one of the books this past Friday so it's time to start the rewrite this morning.

Hubby and I went out last Friday to see a local band, something we haven't done in a long time. The concert was wonderful, but when we stepped outside after the show there was snow on the ground. It was a huge change from the almost 60 degree Farenheit weather we'd had that morning. Thankfully, hubby had gone to the garage and had the snowtires put on the car the day before.

I worked on my Christmas cards yesterday and I'm still glittering and expect to glitter for a while yet. What can I say, I love glittery cards. Although in my defense, hubby chose the cards this year. But I loved them too.

Made a Christmas list so I know what I need to buy. My family doesn't go crazy with gifts and we tend to give giftcards and things that can be consumed (food, wine, chocolate, movie tickets, etc...) We all decided long ago we didn't need to worry about finding room for a bunch of stuff we didn't need after the holidays are over. It simplifies things and everyone is happy.

Time to get to work if I hope to have everything done in time for the holidays. Hope you have a most excellent Monday!

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