Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Teaser: Erin's Fancy

This week the Tuesday Teaser comes from Erin's Fancy. The idea for this book came when I was standing in line at the grocery store looking at all the women's magazines. Several of the articles featured on the cover had titles like the one in the teaser below. You know the kind of article I mean. We've all seen them. Well one thing led to another and I bought the magazine and Erin's story flowed from there.


Erin Connors ran her index finger over the glossy magazine cover with the scantily clad cover model and underlined the article “Seven Sex Positions That Will Drive You Both Wild!”

Taking a deep breath, she opened the cover and scanned the table of contents. She flipped through the pages, stopping at, appropriately enough, page sixty-nine, and spread the magazine wide on the scarred wood table in front of her. Bold pink letters flashed up at her from the page: Legs on shoulders, Doggy-style, Sixty-nine, Standing Backward Position, Face-to-Face, Spooning and Scissors. She could feel the heat creeping up her face as she perused the pictures of half-naked couples, with strategically placed clothing and blankets, demonstrating the techniques.

Glancing up, she peeked out the open back door and noted that the yard was empty. Her brother Jackson was busy in the barn and Nathan had already left for work. The coast was clear. Sighing, she rubbed the back of her suntanned neck. It was pathetic that a woman of twenty-five had to hide the fact that she was reading a woman’s magazine. Especially a magazine that gave advice about sex. That’s what came from still living at home at her age, and having two, very large, very protective older brothers, one of whom was a local deputy sheriff. They still treated her like some kind of nun who supposedly never even thought about sex, much less had sex.

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