Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Damek's Redemption

DAMEK'S REDEMPTION is part of the Legacy series. From the very beginning, readers were curious about this vampire who was friend to the werewolves. He snuck into my heart and demanded a book of his own.


Damek closed his eyes and swallowed hard. Her blood pumped through her veins, calling to him like a siren calls a sailor to his death. The whoosh echoed in his ears until it was all he could hear. He licked his lips, his fangs sharp in his mouth. He could almost taste her on his tongue. She would be so sweet.

He’d leaned forward without realizing it and swore under his breath. He was not a monster to take what was not freely given to him. His needs were met easily these days. Owning a blood bank gave him more than an ample supply of sustenance. But there was nothing quite like the taste of fresh blood, still hot, still pulsing from the vein.


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