Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday Teaser: Finding Chrissten

The Tuesday Teaser this week comes from FINDING CHRISSTEN, which is part of the Legacy series.



She nodded and took a minute to really look at him. Hank. She liked his name. It was strong, like him. Up until now she’d been so focused on his scent she’d paid little attention to his appearance.

He sank down onto the bed beside her, making the mattress dip with his weight. Chrissten studied his face. His eyes were the palest blue she’d ever seen and were fringed with thick eyelashes. His brows were straight and dark in contrast to his hair. It was short and blond. Real short. Almost military short. His nose was large and straight. His lips firm and full. His chin square.

This was one tough male.

His shoulders were so wide he blocked out the rest of the room from her line of sight. His biceps swelled beneath the cotton of his long-sleeved shirt, hinting at his strength.

Her heart skipped a beat and picked up its pace. She wanted to curl her body around him, using his heat to warm her.

Which was totally nuts. She’d just met him. Hadn’t she?

She licked her lips again, thankful they weren’t as dry as they’d been. “You were there, weren’t you?” Even as she asked, she knew the answer to her question. He’d been there.

“Yeah. I was part of the team that extracted you.”

“Team?” It sounded like a military operation, but she knew it wasn’t. Her brothers had both been there.

“The pack.” Hank placed his hand on her upper arm. She flinched and he immediately removed it. He started to stand, but she didn’t want him to leave her.




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