Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Flame of the Phoenix is finally here!

FLAME OF THE PHOENIX, a Hades' Carnival novella, is available today from Samhain Publishing and other fine ebook retailers.
There’s enough heat between them to send them both up in flames.

Hades’ Carnival, Book 6

Tilly Ledet has long been a friend of the immortal, shape-shifting warriors who follow the Lady of the Beasts, a willing helper in their battle against Hades. But now that Hades is free and unable to touch the warriors, Tilly is fair game.

When Phoenix shows up insisting she drop everything to go into hiding, Tilly balks. Phoenix is strong and courageous, but when she imagines being in his arms, the protective barriers guarding her heart slam down.

For the first time in his immortal life, Phoenix feels fear. Not for himself, but for the woman whose beauty and forthright nature heat both his mind and body. While one kiss easily ignites her passion, claiming her as his own will take more than heat.

It may require a sacrifice that could send them both up in flames.

Warning: This steamy love story may cause overheating and the possibility of bursting into flames. Read at your own risk.


Liz Smith said...

I loved this book. I had it pre-ordered and devoured it as soon as it appeared on my Kindle. Now I'm patiently waiting for Stavros' story. ;) Love your books and am working my way through buying your entire back catalog. Now if only more (or all) were available as audio books, too, it'd be perfect. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment your books have given me!

N.J.Walters said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Flame of the Phoenix, Liz. And thank you for the wonderful compliment. :)

You made my day!