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Writer Wednesday--Lynn LaFleur

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Welcome Lynn LaFleur!

by Lynn LaFleur

Christopher Pritchard has been looking forward to his best friend’s visit for weeks. He bids goodbye to his live-in girlfriend, Joni Wagner, and takes off with Lance Fitzgerald for a three-day fishing trip.
Lance has been in love with Chris since their college days. Hiding the fact that he’s bisexual wasn’t easy during college, yet Lance had done it because he didn’t want to lose Chris’ friendship.
As night falls on the water and the beer flows freely, talk turns to sex. The talk turns into action the next morning when Chris awakes to find a naked and aroused Lance in his stateroom. Instead of ordering him out of the room, he invites Lance into his bed.

Chris is sure Joni is his happily-ever-after, yet he can’t deny the attraction he feels for Lance. He can accept his new feelings for Lance, or push him away and lose the best friend he’s ever had.

* * *

Lance lifted the case of beer off the dock and handed it to Chris on the boat. “You sure one case is enough?”

Chris grinned. “I already have a case on board.”

“Smart man.”

“I remember how you can put away the beer.”

I remember having help from you with that beer.”


Chuckling, Lance reached for the grocery sacks. He and Chris had stopped at the supermarket on the way to the marina. Chris said he’d already stocked the galley cabinets, but wanted to walk through the aisles in case he forgot something. Lance hoped they’d catch a salmon they could prepare for dinner. To be sure they didn’t go hungry, he’d bought four huge T-bones. It never hurt to have a back-up plan.

“Here,” Lance said, handing the sacks to Chris. “That’s it, except for my duffel.”

“You didn’t need to buy steaks, man. Where I’m taking you, the salmon will jump in the boat. We won’t even have to use our rods.”

Chris turned with the grocery bags in his hands. Lance stared at Chris’ ass in the tight jeans. He could think of a way to use his “rod” that would be better than catching fish.

With a sigh, Lance collected his duffel bag and climbed on the boat. He had to be out of his mind to torture himself this way. Three days on a boat with Chris. He could look, he could drool, but he couldn’t touch the way he longed to. He couldn’t take Chris in his arms, tell him he loved him, and had since their freshmen year in college.

Unrequited love sucked.

He’d be a pal to Chris, just like he’d done for the last fourteen years, instead of the lover he so desperately wanted to be.

* * *


Lynn LaFleur was born and raised in a small town in Texas close to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Writing has been in her blood since she was eight years old and wrote her first story for an English assignment.

As well as writing at every possible moment, Lynn enjoys reading, scrapbooking, card making, and photography. She’s a romantic at heart and can’t imagine ever writing anything but romances. A full-time writer, she spends her days creating stories of people who find their happily-ever-after, sometimes with the help of an alien or psychic or vampire.


See a complete list of Lynn’s books on her website:



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