Friday, June 03, 2016

Weekend Book Club--In the Boss's Bed by J. Margot Critch

This week I read IN THE BOSS'S BED by Harlequin Blaze debut author J. Margot Critch. If you enjoy a sexy office romance this is a book for you. It's fun and sensual. The setting is a bit different as the story takes place in both Montreal and Vegas, which will appeal to readers on both sides of the border.


Hot for the boss…

Maya Connor was already embarrassed after a dare—and a shot of vodka—resulted in one seriously sexy kiss with an even sexier stranger. She had no idea that the man she made out with was hotel magnate and reputed playboy Jamie Sellers. Or that she would soon be working for him…

Maya won't let anything get in the way of her ambition. And she's determined to be taken seriously as she begins her career—and not give in to the heat that's constantly driving her to distraction. Lust, that's all it is. The more Maya and Jamie ignore it, the stronger it gets. But ending up in the boss's bed won't just be Maya's wickedest fantasies come to life…it'll be the end of her dreams.

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