Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Hunt for Shoes!

I've got a wedding to attend in less than two weeks and no shoes to wear. And I literally mean, no shoes!

I hate shoe shopping. In fact, the only pair of shoes I own are a pair of black ones that I wear to funerals and other occasions. But I can't wear black shoes for a summer wedding. I have a beige skirt that I bought to wear, so I'm searching for a pair of brown or beige flats--preferably something a little dressy.

I was all over the place yesterday in search of shoes! Any time I found a pair I liked, they weren't in my size. It's discouraging.

I will keep searching, but my options are limited.

Maybe I'll start a new trend and go to the wedding barefoot. *g* That's probably better than wearing my sneakers or boots!


charleneteglia said...

I shudder at the idea of attending an event that precludes tennis shoes or boots. Good luck with your shoes!

N.J.Walters said...

You and me both, Charli.

I was out again this morning and no luck. I'm heading out to visit my sister on Friday, so I'll probably search the stores there.