Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11

I'm posting this early because I'll be busy tomorrow getting ready to go on my five-day mini-vacation.

Thirteen Movies I Want to See, or Have

Already Seen, This Summer!

I read on a blog, I think it was last week, that many folks would rather stay home and rent a movie than go to the theatre. I enjoy staying at home as much as the next person, but for me part of enjoying summer is the Summer movies. Hubby and I love to go to the matinees, snuggle up and enjoy!

1. Spider-Man 3--Seen it. It was okay--not as good as the first two-- a bit long)

2. Shrek the Third--Again, it wasn't nearly as good as the first two in the series, IMO. And I also thought that some of the topics were a bit much for some smaller children.

3. Pirates of the Carribean--Fantastic! Do yourself a favor and wait through the 10 minutes of credits at the end so you can see the extra scene. I had to go back the second time to see it!

4. Waitress--It didn't come here, so it's definitely one for home video. It looks quirky and positively delightful.

5. Ocean's Thirteen--Felt like I'd seen it all before.

6. Live Free or Die Hard--John McClane is back! Hopefully this one will capture the spirit of the first two in this series.

7. Ratatouille--Animated pic that looks hilarious. A rat as a French chef is just too fun to pass up.

8. Evan Almighty--I wasn't going to go see this one at first, but the promos look hilarious, and I did enjoy Bruce Almighty.

9. Star Dust--Interesting cast and promo. Who knows, could be fun.

10. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer--Should have stayed home.

11. Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix--I've seen all the other ones, so I might as well see this one. :-)

12. License To Wed--Because Robin Williams is usually worth the price of admission.

13. The Bourne Ultimatum--Matt Damon makes a great action hero and I really enjoyed the first two in this series.

Other possibilities: Sicko, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, The Simpsons Movie, Transformers, Rescue Dawn

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Lori said...

I want to see Waitress, too. It's so sad about the writer, though.

Agree on Shrek 3 and Spiderman 3, but my kids loved them, and oldest loved Fantastic 4 as well.

In the theater, I'm looking forward to the Bourne Ultimatum. I imagine we'll see the rest on DVD. Unfortunately we don't get out as much as we'd like.

Have a fantastic vacation, NJ!


Hey N.J.! Have a happy vacation! I agree on Shrek 3 but haven't seen Spiderman. BUT YES, MY KIDS loved SHREK 3 and want to go back again to see donkey's babies. =)

N.J.Walters said...

It is sad about the writer, Lori, but the film looks wonderful. I'm sure the kids will like Spiderman, Shrek and Fantastic Four, but there wasn't enough there for the adults.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to a few days away.

N.J.Walters said...

Hey, Red. I can't wait to leave tomorrow morning.

My biggest problem with Shrek was that they didn't use Donkey and Puss enough. I thought they could have done so much differently and it would have been a lot more fun--at least for me. *g*

Christine d'Abo said...

I really want to see Ratatouille and the new Harry Potter movies. I might get to see Harry Potter in the IMAX, but I doubt I'll get to see anything else in the theatre. Too expensive. :(

Miss Frou Frou said...

I've seen Spidey 3 and Pirates and enjoyed both. Ratatouille looks hilarious and The Bourne Ultimatum also looks good, but next cab off the ranks will be Harry!

N.J.Walters said...

Ratatouille looks fun, Christine. And I imagine that Harry Potter would be amazing at an IMAX theatre.

Miss Frou Frou, there are definitely some great movies to see this summer. I loved Pirates!

Kate said...

Fun! I'm not one to sit in a theater more than twice in a summer, as one - the prices are ridiculous, and two - they keep the damn place so darn COLD! :-P

LA Day said...

Love the Pirates movies, can't wait to see Bourne Ultimatum

Lorelei James said...

Happy vacation, NJ :)

Shrek 3? Okay. Haven't seen Pirates 3. Saw Fantastic 4. Okay. Can't wait for HP #5 or for book #7 to be out.

We watch more movies at home than at the theater. It cost us $60 to take the family to Fantastic Four.

Lesley said...

I have to agree about Shrek 3. It was worth the time, but those first two were amazing. I can't wait to see Pirates 3. Jeez it's a summer for 3's isn't it! I also desperately want to see Evan Almighty it looks hilarious!

Jaynie R said...

My kids are hanging out to see Shrek 3 so we'll be going at some stage, but I'm one of those who prefers to stay at home with hubby and watch a movie - more comfy.

charleneteglia said...

The Bourne series rocked my world when I read those books. I admit I initially didn't want to see Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, but he won me over with the first movie. I love 'em! The Silver Surfer is going to be so cool. ; D Lots of good movies! Have fun on your vacation.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

It's been a while since we've actually gone out to see a movie. Mostly it's been rented DVDs and the DVR lately. But there are several on your list I'd like to see.

I'm partial to Robin Williams. Loved him in that recent one where he ran for president (can't remember the name).

Have a great getaway, NJ! :-D

Anonymous said...

Definitely waiting for the Borne movie! Love them.

N.J.Walters said...

Hubby and I love the movies, Kate. Matinees are cheaper, and less crowded, so that's when we go.

I can't wait to see the Bourne Ultimatum either, Laura.

Movies are very expensive for families Lorelei. Hubby and I don't bother with snacks, except for $2 worth of M & M's from the giant candy machine outside the theatre. Helps keep the cost down.

It is the summer for sequels, Lesley. Pirates is by far the best of them so far.

Jaynie R, I'm sure your kids will enjoy Shrek 3.

I'd never read Robert Ludlum's books, Charli, so I had no expectations going in. But I have to say that Matt Damon did a fantastic job!

Hey, Daisy. Hubby and I enjoy movies at home, but we love to go to the theatre as well.

Ciar, I'm getting ready to watch the first two again so I'll be ready for the third.

Nicole Austin said...

I love going to movies. We say Pirates yesterday and it was awesome! Live Free-Die Hard is on our to-do list for next week. #7 #8 #10 and #11 are also ones we want to see.

N.J.Walters said...

Hey, Nic. Glad you enjoyed Pirates. Lots more great movies to see this summer!

shelley said...

I didn't realize there was another Bourne movie coming. The first one was actually on TV last night here in NZ. I loved both Bourne movies and the car chase with the mini was very good.

Have an awesome holiday!

Lauren Dane said...

I turn into a 12 year old boy every time I see the Transformers trailer! I can't wait to see it.

And HP most definitely.

Most of hte time we have to wait for movies to come out on DVD though, pout!

Ann said...

I want to see 7, 10, and 11. Great list. Happy Solstice, and have a great vacation.

Ava Rose Johnson said...

I didn't go see Pirates this time around because I was disappointed with number 2. I really liked Ocean's Thirteen, though you're right, it was much of the same. Can't wait to see The Simpsons

angeleque said...

some of these are on my list too.

My nephew loved shrek 3.

Lisa Andel said...

This TT-13 meme linkey thing is great.

I must live in a cave because I didn't know there was a third Bourne movie coming out. I can't wait to see: The Bourne Ultimatum. I really enjoyed the first two.


Crystal Jordan said...

I wanna see Pirates, but I promised my best friend I'd wait to go with her when I get home to California next week.

N.J.Walters said...

Hey, Shelley. Yup, the next Bourne movie is looking good.

I'll admit, Lauren, that I've never seen the Transformers. LOL I may check out the movie though.

Hey, Ann. Happy Solstice. Hope you enjoy your summer movies!

Ava Rose, the Simpson's Movie trailer does look very funny!

Angeleque, I think the kids will enjoy Shrek 3 more than the adults will. LOL

The Linky thing is totally cool, Lisa. I'm hoping this latest Bourne movies is as good as the others!

It'll be worth the wait, Crystal. I loved it! Hope you do too.

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

NJ - have a GREAT time! We expect pics when you return. No not THAT kind!

I still haven't been able to catch Pirates due to family activities but planning on going Saturday. Not interesting in Spidey3 even though i like number 1 and 2. Trailer did nothing for me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rhian. I'll try and take some good pictures. :-) Enjoy Pirates!


Michelle M Pillow said...

great list!