Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5 Hearts for Endless Chase

Endless Chase has received a 5 Heart review from The Romance Studio!

Here's a snippet of what reviewer, Abi, had to say:

"Those readers that have been following this series will be in for a treat. Chase's story is, I believe, the finale. However, I certainly wouldn’t object to more. It's an emotional journey. Powerful, tense, and at times nerve-racking, the story keeps the reader turning the pages and on the edge of their seat. N.J. cleverly leaves the reader guessing and only allows brief glimpses and unexpected turns, until she’s ready to enlighten. An exhilarating read that will not easily be forgotten after the last page is read.

While Endless Chase can and does stand alone, add this book the other four and you have an excellent continuity series that I highly recommend and is not to be missed. I doubt you’ll be disappointed."


Check out the entire review at The Romance Studio.

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