Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Touch of Magick...Joyfully Reviewed!

Jo at Joyfully Reviewed has reviewed my latest Samhain release--A Touch of Magick.

Here's a snippet of what Jo has to say:

"The instant passion between the Rhiannon and Ryland was almost enough to have me reaching for a cold glass of water. I loved how, knowing she might be risking everything; Rhiannon told Ryland the truth about herself and took steps to counter what might not be true. Watching Ryland reaching out to come to grips with Rhiannon, and what she meant to him, had me turning pages even faster. Their ending was exactly what I hoped for. A Touch of Magick is erotic and a bit suspenseful, with a touch of humor, all wrapped up in a story that will make you dream of magic."

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anny cook said...

What a lovely review! Congrats!