Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebrating 50 Books--Day 41

Unmasking Kelly is my best selling Quickie to date! It's also been reprinted in two Simon and Schuster (Pocket Books)/EC anthologies. There is a cowboy mentioned in this book as well. Can you guess who it is? It led to the spin-off Quickie series about the Courage brothers. :)


It's Halloween night and a masquerade party is in full swing at Brannigan's Pub where Kelly Allen works as a waitress. But Kelly is not working tonight. Instead, she has donned a saloon girl's costume and has set out to seduce the man of her dreams, Liam Brannigan. She's been in love with her boss almost from the first, and tonight, hiding behind her costume and mask, she can keep her identity a secret as she attempts to seduce him into one long, hot night of pleasure.

Liam Brannigan is enthralled with the lady behind the mask. Sensual and mysterious, she is every man's fantasy and he wants her from the moment she saunters up to the bar. But she is much more than just a one night stand. Liam is determined to remove her mask and claim the lady as his very own. Can he convince her to reveal her identity or will she walk out of the bar and his life forever?

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