Friday, February 24, 2012

5 Blue Ribbons for Quinn's Quest

Romance Junkies has given Quinn's Quest a 5 Blue Ribbon Review! Here's a snippet of what reviewer, Claudette, has to say:

"Every installment from Ms. Walters’ LEGACY werewolf series doesn’t just introduce another set of characters that you’ll fall for, but their story will seek to further ensnare your senses. I was on the edge of my seat and trying not to mutter out loud to the characters on my kindle. So just so you know, reading an N. J. Walters novel can make you risk social suicide by talking to fictional characters out loud whilst on public transport...Ms. Walters has a knack for blending fantasy with contemporary elements and making the unbelievable completely believable.

This novel features emotionally intense writing, characters you care about and enough sensual eroticism to make you want to keep a fire extinguisher on stand-by. These are all trademarks of this author’s writing and long may it continue!"

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