Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Teaser--Tracking Talia

Today's Teaser is from Tracking Talia, a fast-paced, sensual Quickie from Ellora's Cave!


Moving as fast as he could, he stealthily made his way toward a circle of rocks. It was an open area about fifteen feet in diameter that was ringed by high, jagged rocks with only one way in and out.

Back to the rocks, Marshall crept toward the opening. Rifle raised and ready, he listened for any sound. The wind had picked up substantially in the last few minutes making it difficult to hear anything else. Swearing under his breath at his own stupidity, he kept going. He paused as the natural doorway appeared. He could see to the left and it was clear.

Easing his body to the other side, he froze when a person came into view. The rifle was rock steady in his hand, his finger caressing the trigger. Marshall was mildly surprised his hands weren’t shaking. He walked slowly into the circle, his gaze never leaving the other person.

“Aren’t you going to say hello?”

He tilted the barrel of the rifle downward. His heart was pounding. His mouth was dry. Anger, hot and potent, flooded through his veins. Why now? It had been eight long months.

“Hello, Tabby.” He used her nickname intentionally. She usually hated to be called that, but he had whispered it in her ear a hundred times when they made love.


B.C. Brown said...

Oooo, got my attention. ;)

N.J.Walters said...

Then my job here is done. *g*