Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tuesday Teaser!

Here's Tuesday's Teaser--a day late.
This is a teaser from Threads of Destiny, one of the four print books up for prizes in my Slip Into Spring contest. Check the "Contests" page on my WEBSITE for details.


Tienan was the same height as Logan but that’s where the similarity ended. Where Logan’s hair was blond and short, Tienan’s fell to his shoulders in a straight black curtain. His body was leaner but no less muscular. He reminded her of a jaguar she’d seen in an old film—all coiled muscles, just waiting to attack. Both men were handsome. Tienan was good-looking in a classic sense, while Logan possessed more of a craggy, rough look that was impossible to ignore.

They were also her friends and, as of yesterday, her responsibility.

“What’s the word on the jail break?” Logan sat forward, his hands loosely clasped between his legs.

Kathryn strode across the room, trying to appear confident as she dumped her sweater and purse on a chair. Her stomach burned from all the stress of the day and she rubbed her hand across it, trying to settle it. She knew she had the beginnings of an ulcer. The doctor had warned her at her last appointment that she needed to take better care of herself. Easier said than done.

Tienan’s green eyes narrowed and he stalked to the mini-fridge that was tucked into a cabinet in the corner. Opening the door, he pulled out a small container of milk. He unscrewed the top as he strode to her side. “Drink.”

Grateful for the slight reprieve, she took the plastic bottle, brought it to her lips and drank. The cool liquid coated her throat and hit her stomach like a cooling balm. Sighing with relief, she licked her lips. “Thanks.”

One corner of Tienan’s mouth turned up in a slight smile as he reached out and used his thumb to wipe away a bead of milk from the corner of her mouth. Bringing it to his lips, he licked it away. “My pleasure.”

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