Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Teaser: Lily Blossoms

Today's Teaser if from the older woman/younger man contemporary/erotic romance Lily Blossoms.

Tuesday Teaser:

Letting out a huff of breath, he prowled around her kitchen. It was much like the woman herself—calm and welcoming, with a hint of spice. She’d obviously been working. He ignored the laptop but couldn’t resist glancing down at the papers strewn next to it.

His eyes skimmed and then jerked back—sex in public, roses, whipped cream and striptease. The words jumped off the page along with the underlined word “research”. He knew he was invading her privacy and that he should just walk away, but he couldn’t stop himself from picking up the sheet to study it further. When he did he noticed the book hidden beneath—Hidden Desires by Ms. Lillian.

Laying the sheet aside, he picked up the book and flipped it over, whistling under his breath as he read the blurb on the back. This was hot stuff. He knew it couldn’t be a coincidence, but his brain could hardly reconcile the Lily he knew with the woman who’d penned an erotic romance.

A slow smile split his face. He’d always known that Lily had hidden depths.

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