Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend at the Movies

Hubby and I have taken in four of the summer blockbuster movies so far, and while some have been better than others, I've found something to enjoy in all of them.

The best, without doubt, is The Avengers! This is movie  making at its best. And I saw the 2D version, not the 3D or IMAX. I find the latter two give me a headache and I really don't miss anything in the regular movie version.

Tom Hiddleston is brilliant as the villainous Loki. He is diabolical, yet charming, and even as you despise what he is doing you find yourself liking him from time to time. And of course Thor, Ironman, Captain America and all the rest of the superheroes are wonderful. They all get their chance to shine.

Next up is Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp. Now this movie is not for everyone. You have to enjoy the campy and absurd if you're going to have a good time at this one. Personally, I thought it was a decent popcorn movie for cheap Tuesday. As always, Johnny Depp is brilliant!

Battleship is the next movie we saw. I have to admit that I had zero expectations for this movie. I might have loved the game as a kid, but I didn't see how they could translate it into a movie. Maybe because my expectations were so low I actually thought it was okay. It has aliens, explosions, heroism, not to mention a couple of hollywood hunks and a pop star. It had a couple of good moments and lots of action. A summer afternoon popcorn movie.

Finally, today we went to MIB III. Josh Brolin is absolutely brilliant as the younger Agent K! It goes without saying that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were fabulous. This movie was action-packed, but it had some quiet moments too. I think it might be the best of the three. Definitely worth seeing. Once again, we saw it in 2D, not 3D, and didn't find it lacking.

What movies have you seen so far this summer?

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