Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Teaser: Embracing Silence

This week's Tuesday Teaser is from Embracing Silence, book 1 of the Project Alpha series. It's a futuristic/erotic romance that was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award.


His voice was closer now, coming from the deep shadows behind her. The last restraint fell away and she lurched from the chair. She whirled around to face where she thought he was. She couldn’t see a thing.

“Stay away from me. I’ll kill you if I have too.”

No reply. But she knew he was there in the dark watching. Tucking her short blade in her jacket pocket, she grabbed up her larger one. She wished she had a gun but they were in short supply and given to the men and women who went out daily on patrol in the outer city. Somehow she felt all the weapons in the world wouldn’t do her any good against this man.

“Who are you?” she demanded. Her voice was little more than a croak. Her throat was slightly swollen bruised and fear made it close even more.

“Who are you?” he countered. She circled slowly. He sounded as though he was on the other side of the room. She damned the shadows that made it impossible for her to track him. There should be some indication of his movement—a stray sound, a breath, a wavering of the air. But there was nothing.

The man was a phantom.

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Susan W. said...

Project Alpha is one of my favorite series. Thanks for the snippiet! Now I need to go and reread it!