Saturday, June 02, 2012

Weekend at the Movies

Friday afternoon was the perfect time for hubby and I to take in a movie. And this week's choice was obvious--Snow White and the Huntsman. Now I've heard a lot of reviewers say that this is not the normal fairytale. I want to know what fairytales they've been reading. Haven't they heard of the Brothers Grimm? Fairytales were originally very dark and very scary and this one lives up to the hype.

Charlize Theron is nothing short of brilliant as the evil queen, commanding the screen when she is on it. Chris Hemsworth gives a very realistic and believable performance as the huntman. He's certainly not the stereotypical hero and, because of that, I liked him more. Kristen Stewart put in a solid performance as SnowWhite. This is no a damsel in distress willing to wait around while someone else takes care of the evil queen. She wants to do it herself.

Visually this movie is stunning! There are so many scenes that stayed with me. The acting is first-rate and the ending leaves open the possibility of another movie. All in all, in my humble opinion, well worth the price of admission. This is a movie that satisfies.

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