Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Coffee Time Romance loves the Salvation Pack series

WOLF ON THE RUN and WOLF IN HER BED have both received 5 cup ratings from Coffee Time Romance. 

"N.J Walters is superb in the ability to draw the reader into the world she creates. I fell in love with Cole because wow who could resist? I love how Ms. Walters makes the other characters just as interesting as the main character which brings the reader back over and over. I know I am going back to find the first two books in the series just to see how the current pack came to be. I highly recommend Salvation Pack and the writing of N.J Walters because she has an awesome talent she puts to good use." ~Delane, CTR

"The writing of N.J. Walters is always a pleasure but the world of the Salvation Pack is an experience. I loved reading the story of Armand as he suffered so and deserved happiness. Anny is worthy of Armand and watching her lead him on a merry chase was something to behold. I highly recommend Wolf in Her Bed and the writing of N.J. Walters. ~Delane, CTR

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