Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday--Book Edition (Tiger's Eye by Karen Robards)

TIGER'S EYE by Karen Robards is my choice this week for Throwback Thursday--Book Edition. 

This was one of the first historical romance books I ever read where the hero is a criminal. Alec Tyron is king of the London underworld. He doesn't turn out to be the long-lost son of a lord. He is exactly what he seems to be--a criminal, with many redeeming qualities. Tiger's Eye is now available in ebook, but I have the original paperback copy on my keeper shelf. It's been there since the day I purchased it so many years ago.


When beautiful aristocrat Lady Isabella St. Just first sets eyes on handsome Alec Tyron, he is holding her at gunpoint. Despite her fear of him, the tawny-haired, golden-eyed king of the London underworld saves her from the criminals who abducted her, only to fall victim to a gunshot wound himself. Thrown together in the seedy underbelly of glittering London, they are wary of each other from the start. Shy, sheltered Isabella has never met a man like Alec, but the street-tough crime boss ignites her passion in a way that she had never even imagined was possible. Their love is something that society cannot allow – but no matter the cost its blazing heat just won't be denied.

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