Sunday, January 25, 2015

Night of the Tiger is an Audiobook

I'm thrilled to announce that NIGHT OF THE TIGER, the first book in the Hades' Carnival series, is now available as an audiobook from AUDIBLE.COM!

To win the battle for his soul, he may have to sacrifice the woman who set him free.

Hades' Carnival, Book 1: 

Aimee Horner lives and breathes her career as a graphic novel illustrator, but she never expected it would invade her dreams. In recent months, worsening nightmares have pulled her into the darkest corners of Hell. On a rare night out with friends at a traveling carnival, she finds herself strangely drawn to an abandoned carousel adorned with vividly exotic animals. One steed, a massive white tiger, is a temptation she can't resist. The moment she climbs upon him, her world changes forever.

More than 5000 years ago, Roric and his fellow shapeshifting warriors were imprisoned in their animal forms, a last-ditch effort by the goddess they served to save them from the horrors of Hell. With one special woman's touch, he has a chance at freedom and redemption - but the clock is ticking. If he is still alive in 24 hours, the spell will be broken, and Hell will have no claim on his soul. The only hitch is his blazing attraction to Aimee. If only he could trust that she isn't merely a distraction sent by Hades - luscious bait to lure him from his mission.

Warning: This audiobook contains an ancient curse, an imprisoned goddess, a graphic artist, and the hot shapeshifting immortal warrior who turns her life upside down while they battle Hades and his minions for their immortal souls. There is also plenty of hot sex between the heroine and her hot, shapeshifting warrior. Just saying.

©2013 N.J. Walters (P)2014 Audible Inc.

Night of the Tiger is narrator by  Carly Robins.

"Carly Robins is an actress, voice-over artist, producer, and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. Favorite roles include Judith in The Possibilities, Everybody Dies, and Magic Metro Card. She has been in several web series including I’m Sorry Melissa, Headhunters, and Fantasy Sports League for Bloomberg Sports. In addition, she co-produced and starred in The Dead Walk In Brooklyn short film series. Her voice can be heard in commercials, promos, video games, and audio narration (she just finished her 5th book!). She was also featured on an episode of the Style Network’s Married Away. TV work includes on One Life To Live, Guiding Light, and As The World Turns. She is currently working on two pilots for food based lifestyle shows."

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