Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday--Book Edition (Indescribably Delicious by Marcia Evanick)

This week I've dug back through my keeper shelf and found a Loveswept from 1990--Indescribably Delicious by Marcia Evanick. (Loveswept #404)

This is family romance at its best. If you come across a copy of this book, it's definitely worth a read.

Dillon McKenzie followed a tantalizing scent to his neighbor's kitchen... and found delicious temptation living next door!

Single mom Elizabeth Lancaster had raised her young son alone, and built a successful business creating scrumptious cakes and candies, but when she learned that a father and two sons had moved in nearby, she was delighted! Now Aaron would have kids to play with, and maybe she could pick up some fathering tips. But when Dillon kissed her in the moonlight and awakened a gorgeous firebrand, she showed him just what he'd been missing for so long. A brief, painful marriage had made Elizabeth wary of admitting she'd fallen in love, but once Dillon had given her hope, she had to risk telling the truth.

No man had ever called her beautiful and made her believe it until now, but could she and Dillon join their families, and their dreams?

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