Thursday, August 11, 2016

Throwback Thursday--Book Edition (Summer Games by Elizabeth Lowell)

While this book doesn't seem to be available in ebook, you might be able to find it used.

Summer Games by Elizabeth Lowell, Silhouette Intimate Moments #57, was first published in 1984. Considering the Summer Olympics are on, it seemed an appropriate choice.

UPDATE: Seems it is available in ebook under the title Remember Summer.


Raine Chandler-Smith belied her slight figure with a surprising strength. She had the skill, timing, and sheer guts it took to guide a Thoroughbred through grueling cross-country endurance events. For Raine, the Olympics was the culmination of a lifetime of competition.

For Cord Elliot, the Olympics was a dangerous assignment--to guard against a terrorist attack. And Raine, the woman of softness and surprising steel who beguiled him from the first, was the prime target.

A core of the same wild courage drew them together. But danger swirled around them, and it would take all their fierce will to protect their love.

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