Thursday, September 15, 2016

Throwback Thursday--Book Edition (Conard County series by Rachel Lee)

I'm a big fan of Rachel Lee's Conard County series, especially the early books. I am reading the next generation books, and while they're good, there is something very special about the earlier ones. Or maybe that's just me.

These books don't seem to be available anymore, unless you can find a used paperback copy, which is too bad.

Have you read this series?



SOMEONE WAS STALKING HIM After being held captive for four years, CIA agent Ransom Laird just wanted to enjoy the wide-open spaces and warm sunshine of Wyoming. He hadn't expected to meet a woman whose very soul touched him, warmed him-- a woman he could grow old with. And now that he'd found her, he was about to lose her to an unknown assassin. Someone who wanted Ransom dead. Someone who was willing to kill Mandy to get to him...

Writer Mandy Grant saw Ransom as a wounded warrior seeking shelter within her fortress walls and herself as the lonely princess, too frightened to love. Because for Mandy, loving mean losing. And unless the stopped the killer first, they were both going to lose...




Micah Parish: Deputy Sheriff. Six feet, four inches of solid muscle. Half-Cherokee. Tough, proud, a loner. Faith Williams: Mother-to-be. Fragile-looking blonde running for her life. Quiet, scared of her own shadow. Protecting the people of Conard County was deputy sheriff Micah Parish's job, but protecting Faith Williams was about to become his life's work. Pregnant, alone and stalked by her abusive ex-husband, Faith needed more than a place to hide and a strong shoulder to lean on. She needed someone to end her nightmare. And Micah needed someone to start his dream.

CONARD COUNTY: Where the Wyoming sky spreads bold and blue above men and women who draw their strength from the land -- and from the bonds of love they share.


Gage Dalton had been to hell and back. He knew what it was like to lose everything and had sworn never to care again. But then he met cautious, careful and proper Emmaline Conard. She was full of compassion and warmth-and she was in trouble. He couldn't imagine why she trusted him , after all she'd been through. But he vowed no one would hurt her ever again! Someone was watching her. Emma knew something bad was going to happen again.

And then Gage Dalton walked into her life and her heart. He was dangerous and unpredictable... yet he was the only man who made her feel safe and whole.

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