Tuesday, February 21, 2017


The release of Wolf in her Soul is a bittersweet one. As many of you know, Samhain Publishing will be closing at the end of February. This is my last release with them. As a result, this book will only be available for a week. Please don't miss out on it if you want it.

At this point, I can't say what will happen with my Samhain books, when or if all the series will be rereleased at some point in the future.

Rest assured, I am still writing and publishing. That will never stop and I look forward to bringing you more books and series in the years ahead. This is not the first time I've lost a publisher. I'll rebound from this. Have no fears. :)

She’s ready to run, but so tempted to stay…

Salvation Pack, Book 8

Detective Reece Gallagher is a long way from Salvation, North Carolina. He’s spent a decade in Chicago searching for her—the elusive red-haired woman who haunts his dreams. He knows nothing about her, only that she’s in trouble. After ten fruitless years, he’s ready to give up and go home.

Hannah Burdette is burdened with a secret that won’t allow her to get close to anyone. She’s a half-breed werewolf, targeted by a stalker who wants those of impure blood eliminated.

 There’s something different about the arson/murder case Reece and his partner are working on. His heightened senses tell him there’s a werewolf involved. Even more shocking, it’s related to an assault case involving a beautiful redhead in trouble. A scared, wounded woman his wolf wants to protect as his own.

But first Reece must convince her she doesn’t have to be alone anymore. And he’s going to have to talk fast, because the killer has upped the ante—and now they’re both in danger.


Barnes & Noble: https://goo.gl/t50uEp


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