Thursday, March 22, 2018

Throwback Thursday--The Seduction of Shamus O'Rourke

I love all my books, but some are more special than others. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for this book. It's a reminder that things aren't always what they seem to be. Sometimes you don't know the whole story. And I just love Shamus!

The Seduction of Shamus O’Rourke
Jamesville, Book 4

Her father's death has brought Cyndi Marks back to Jamesville, and she's determined to settle back in her hometown and lay her ghosts to rest once and for all. But not everyone is happy to see her. Every small town has secrets, and Jamesville has secrets some would kill to protect. When Cyndi needs help, there's only one person in town she can trust.

Shamus O'Rourke is happy living in Jamesville. He loves his job, his family, and small town living. All that's missing is someone to share it with. When he runs into Cyndi and helps her with a flat tire, he's drawn to the reserved, wary woman. He's pretty sure the feeling is mutual, even though she tries to deny it.

When Cyndi's life is threatened, just about everyone in town is a suspect, and she's not sure her fledgling relationship with Shamus can stand up to the town and his family's concerns. The only thing she is sure of is that she can't see herself surviving in Jamesville without the younger man.

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