Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Writing and Reading in Different Genres

Author, Annmarie McKenna, is blogging over at the Samhain blog today, so go over and check her out. She's talking about writing and reading in different genres and it got me to thinking about that subject.

As writers, I think that many of us start out with certain expectations of what we will and won't write. When I started writing, it was strictly contemporary romance. Then I discovered the world of erotic romance. Not that it was entirely new. Some authors I'd been reading for years were writing pretty HOT stuff. But this was different. I tried my hand at writing an erotic romance and was surprised by how much fun I had doing it. I may not be able to say out loud most of the more graphic words that I write, but I have no trouble writing them. LOL

Once I'd expanded my horizons to erotic romance, other ones beckoned. Since I've started, I've written erotic books that are contemporary, paranormal, menage, vampire, shape-shifter and fantasy. And even though I said that I'd never write a historical book, I do have one kicking around in my brain. I guess once you open the door, anything is possible.

I find it's the same with my reading. If I like a particular author, I'll try anything that they write, although there are some genres that just don't appeal to me. For instance, I love historical romance, but primarily Medieval and Regency. I'm not a fan of Civil War romance even though I have tried a few. I'm also reading more paranormal romance than I used to as well. There are a lot of great authors publishing in that genre at the moment.

I guess the same rings true for writing as it does for reading. Never say never! As we grow and change as people, our taste in our reading evolves as well. Doesn't mean we don't love our old standards, but we open ourselves up to finding new favorites as well. The same goes with writing. I have no idea where mine might lead me, but I'm more than willing to follow it and give it a try!

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