Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Only Human!


Workaholic Elaine Llewellyn’s enforced vacation leaves her at far too loose an end for her peace of mind. With all that time on her hands, memories and longings she’s been repressing threaten to break free. Her solution? Distract herself by playing tourist on a just-busy-enough road trip through Maine.

A storm and a blocked road send her to an unscheduled stop at Damon Thorne’s private retreat. Instead of the B&B she’s expecting, the man who’s world famous for his surreal paintings of psychic visions has been expecting her and all of her careful plans are washed away with the rain.

Trapped in the house while the storm rages outside, Damon sets out to break through Elaine’s barriers, physical, mental and emotional. When the storm ends, she’ll have to make a choice: go back to the life of denial she’s been living, or come to terms with her own psychic gifts, her passionate nature, and the second chance at love she’s been offered.

Releasing tomorrow from Ellora's Cave, ONLY HUMAN is the latest release from author, Charlene Teglia, and I have to say that it's another winner! The gothic undertones caught me from the first page and I kept reading until I'd read the final word.

A touch of the paranormal, mixed with intrigue, mystery, and passion, makes this book a fantastic read. The reader follows Elaine on her journey, which leads her to the one man who can understand her.

I highly recommend that you pop on over to Ellora's Cave tomorrow at http://www.ellorascave.com and check out Charlene's new book!


charleneteglia said...

Squee! Thank you, NJ. So glad you liked my gothic contribution to Torrid Tarot!


I'm hooked with EC's Tarot stories. I can't wait to read this one!!

N.J.Walters said...

You're very welcome, Charli. I really enjoyed Only Human!

I've read a few of the Torrid Tarot books so far and they've all be fabulous, Red. The great thing is there a lot more of them yet to come.