Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Writer's Wednesday

Today I'm doing that thing that some authors love and others hate--editing!

Sometimes edits can be fairly straightforward and other times they can be very complex. This time it's the latter. But as the aim is to make the book even better, I'm more than ready to start.

So after spending yesterday doing additional research, I'm headed into the edits cave to work on an upcoming Ellora's Cave book. I'll be peeking out occassionally to check on you all. Hopefully this won't take more than a few days. :-)

Have a great Wednesday!


charleneteglia said...

Hope you have lots of snacks and drinks and inspiring music to help you work in the cave. : )

I try to break up edits into the easy stuff that involves minor tweaks, and the hard stuff that involves thinking, research, etc. Breaks the job into bite-sized pieces. I'm sure you'll get through them and find your book even bettr!

Jenn L said...

Ohhh Boy I hope it's Jackson who is getting some edits done to his story. or maybe it's Woven Dreams. HMMM I wonder.

Don't work too hard NJ, but just know your readers appreciate all that you do to get us new books.

N.J.Walters said...

Lots of snacks and drinks. *check* I'm one of those people who starts at page one and works my way steadily through. I do the research first (if any is needed) and then just start at page one. I try and not spend too many hours working without a break. Turns the brain to mush. LOL

N.J.Walters said...

Hey, Jenn. It's not Jackson's book...not yet. I've got a few more to be edited first. I'll try not to work too hard. *g* Just hard enough. :-)