Friday, October 26, 2007

Miss Lonely Hearts

Love, larceny, and lies.

When is a love letter not a love letter? When it’s mail fraud. Or in this case, female fraud.

Jason Alexander is one angry Alaskan, and he’s out to get his woman; the letter-writing Lolita who’s running the Miss Lonely Hearts con game in his bailiwick. She’s taking lonely Alaskans for a roller-coaster ride and cashing in on love. When she hits the patrons of his bar The Last Resort, the retired gambler takes it personally and goes out for justice.

Cassandra Adams has just been dumped by ex-fiancé number two. She’s fed up with Romance Roulette and ready to trade her rosy daydreams for hardheaded practicality. The logical solution? She’s going to search the classifieds for the mail-order marrying man she wants.
She thinks she’s found him in Jason, alias Alex Sanders. He thinks he’s hooked Miss Lonely Hearts. And the regulars at The Last Resort think it’s high time Jason got married, so they’re not about to clarify matters when they discover his mistake.

Together Jason and Cassandra will have to cut their way through the tangle of love, larceny and lies to unmask Miss Lonely Hearts and find a happy ending that’s a sure bet.

WARNING: This book contains hot, explicit sex between two people explained in graphic language.

Mistaken identity, misunderstandings, and downright lies are at the heart of this witty and heartwarming romantic comedy. Author Charlene Teglia peoples the small Alaskan town with an unforgettable cast of characters. One can only hope that there will be more books from this unique northern town.

Jason thinks he’s hooked a con artist and Cassandra believes she’s finally got a fiancé who will make it to the altar. And when Cassandra and Jason finally meet—sparks fly! The sexual chemistry between the two is undeniable.

This is a fun book from start to finish. Filled with smart, witty banter, and hot, steamy sex, this book will make you laugh, but it will also tug at your heartstrings.

There is also a tie-in with Ms. Teglia’s Sirens series, which begs the question—when is the next book in that series due out?

Check out Miss Lonely Hearts from Samhain Publishing on October 30th!


Tempest Knight said...

Sounds like a great read. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

charleneteglia said...

Aw, thanks, NJ! There's a novella, Night Rhythm, in the spring from Samhain. I've been trying to fight my way clear of other commitments to get another title out. Dane and Harold are grumbling.

N.J.Walters said...

It's a great read, Tempest. Funny, smart and smokin' hot.

Your welcome, Charli. A new novella, you say. That is good news!