Friday, November 02, 2007

Sunshine for a Vampire Review

Tara Renee at TwoLips Reviews gave the Ellora's Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction III anthology 4 1/2 kisses!

Here's what she had to say about Sunshine for a Vampire:

"NJ Walters has a wonderful talent for creating characters and situations that blend into terrific stories and Sunshine for a Vampire is the perfect example of that. The sex is hot and creative and the dialog is sparkling. I would have been happy if this story had never ended."

Thank you Tara Renee, and thank you to TwoLips Reviews!


Titania Ladley said...

Congrats on the awesome review, NJ! I need to go get this one. Such a hot cover. ;) Great title for your contribution, too, btw.


Jenn L said...

Hey NJ

I have to say I agree, I loved Sunshine it was witty and heartwarming while retaining enough heat to scorch the sun.

Congrats on the great review.

PS Did you get my email.


Tempest Knight said...

Great review! Congrats! :)

N.J.Walters said...

Thanks, Titania. The cover is HOT! *g*

Thanks so much, Jenn. And yes, I did get your email. ;-)

Thanks, Tempest!

Lisa Andel said...

Hey, awesome review.

I didn't send you an email though.