Monday, December 08, 2008

First Snow

Hubby and I went for a walk early yesterday morning. We usually go on one of the city walking trails, one that goes around a small pond with plenty of ducks and swans and other birds. It's a wonderful break from the bustle of city life and we both enjoy it.

As we walked, it began to snow. There was barely any wind so the snow fell almost straight down in big, fluffy flakes. The world was quiet and the path was almost empty. At many points during the walk there was no one but us around.

What is it about that first snow of the year that's magical? The air was so still when we stopped to watch the snowflakes drift over the pond. It was utterly beautiful.

Now I'm the first one to tell you I'm not fond of snow and that by February I'll be sick of the snow. But that doesn't matter during the first snowfall of the season.

It's all gone now. Washed away by the torrent of rain that fell yesterday afternoon and last night. For that matter, it's still raining.

But the first snow fell. And it was magic. I'm glad hubby and I were out and about to enjoy it.


AE Rought said...

Would you like our snow?? We got another 5 inches last night. I agree it's pretty to watch it fall. But, I prefer to be inside watching the snow fall outside of my window. I'm as clumsy as it gets outside. *sigh* Nearly broke my wrist last year falling, and that was right outside my door!

Kathy said...

We got snow too and like AE it wasn't the first time. To make matters even crazier, it's supposed to go into the sixties tomorrow before dropping back into the thirties. However, I love snow. But then I don't have to shovel it anymore.:-) My apartment complex gets that job.

N.J.Walters said...

No thanks, AE. We'll have more than our fair share of snow and cold before the winter is over.

Our winters have changed in the past ten years or so and the snow comes later some years. It's much different from when I was a kid. There was always snow in December, most years a lot earlier.

Ouch! Sorry to hear you broke your wrist last year. I hate the ice worst of all. It's so easy to get hurt. Hope you stay safe this winter.

N.J.Walters said...

Our weather is crazy too, Kathy. Snow yesterday morning. Several inches of rain since then. Freezing temperatures tonight and tomorrow and then it's supposed to be almost spring-like on Wednesday.

Glad you don't have to shovel the white stuff anymore.

Who can keep up with the weather? LOL

Crystal Dee said...

I live in the South and rarely even get to see snow. When it falls here it is call to celebrate. I'm glad you were able to experience such a peaceful and beautiful snowy moment to hang onto later when it seems like it will never quit snowing.

I've heard you refer often to these walks with your husband and whether it is motivated by health or not does not take away the warm glow I get when I here that y'all are doing it together.

Love to all

N.J.Walters said...

Thank you so much, Crystal. Our walks are motivated by health and by a desire to just spend as much time together as possible.


Shelley Munro said...

Hubby and I try to go for a walk together after dinner now that the weather is warmer and it's daylight for longer. It's great talking over our days.

I imagine the first snow is pretty, but I can see how the novelty would wear off by the end of winter.

charleneteglia said...

We had our first snowfall yesterday. I was outside in the dark (taking out the trash, rah) and it was wonderful, that hush in the air with the flakes falling all around.

The kids put on mittens and jackets and went out to play as soon as it was daylight. By afternoon it was gone, but they got to enjoy it while it lasted.

N.J.Walters said...

Taking walks is a great way to spend time together, Shelley. Hubby and I really enjoy it too.

N.J.Walters said...

There's something special about the first snow, even if you're only taking out the garbage. LOL

Glad the girls had a chance to play in the snow before it was all gone.