Thursday, January 29, 2009

Candyman by Nicole Austin


Elisa Wilde’s recurrent erotic dreams transcend time and place. Dreams so real they seem to be actual memories of a bygone era. Driven to unravel the mystery and reclaim her life, she’s drawn into a sexy adventure—the search for another woman’s lover.

In a tragic twist of fate, Michael Claret lost his true love. He knows her soul will return and has waited decades for their passionate reunion, but getting her back is only a small part of the battle. Edie has changed, reincarnated as a different woman—Elisa. Not only will Michael have to once again win her heart, he must also gain her acceptance of his true nature. And to keep her requires she make a huge leap of faith by completing the mating bond—a sharing of blood binding them together for eternity.

Fate is a cruel mistress who will not be cheated or denied. To make the most of their second chance, Michael and Lis must alter the path chosen for them and rewrite their love story or be lost to each other forever.
This vampire novella is a story of a love that defies even death. You'll feel Michael's pain and his burning hope for reconciliation with his one true love, come to understand Lis's confusion and ultimate understanding as her dream world and reality collide. The author brings this tale full circle, capturing both eras in time, but most of all, capturing the love between two souls.
This is the authors first vampire tale, but I'm sure hope it won't be the last. Another sure winner for Nicole Austin.

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Shelley Munro said...

I really enjoy Nicole's books. I haven't had a chance to grab this one yet.