Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rain and Blueberry Cake

It seems as though it's been raining for about 95% of the month of May. I've seen the sun for a few hours here and there, but it's basically been a cold, rainy month. Some days it seems as though spring will never really arrive.

That's why I bought some sunflowers last weekend. They're bright and cheerful and remind me that warmer days are ahead. They look good sitting on my kitchen table in a Mason jar.

I also decided to make a blueberry cake. I have some frozen berries--left over from last summer's crop frommy mother's yard--so I measured out enough for the recipe. It's a taste of summer, which I needed right about now.

Hopefully the weather will take a turn for the better soon and spring will finally arrive. The trees still have no leaves, but I'm hopeful. It wouldn't take much to make them spring forth. Soon...


Anny Cook said...

That blueberry cake sounds sooooo yummy! As for the rain--well maybe your reward will be tons of green and flowers! Our grass is really green here because of our rain.

Of course, it's also knee deep by the time the mowers get here each week!

N.J.Walters said...

No sign of much grass or flowers here yet, Anny. It's been hovering around freezing with the rain. We've seen the occasional day around 50 degrees or so, but not many. Hopefully soon.

The blueberry cake is yummy. *g*

Helen Hardt said...

We had snow yesterday in Colorado. Snow in May! Sheesh. I should have made a blueberry cake :).

N.J.Walters said...

lol Sorry for the snow, Helen. Make cake. You'll feel better. :)