Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Two New Reviews for Embroidered Fantasies

Night Owl Reviews has given Embroidered Fantasies a 4.25 Review. Here's a snippet of what reviewer, Chris, had to say:

"This story was very touching and explored the oft-ignored possibility that a man too can be affected by abuse. And not to perpetuate the cycle...The emotion and devastation that the brothers display at times in the story almost brought me to tears, and a happy ending was a joy I fervently wished for them. Hot and spicy, this was a great addition to the series."

Read the entire review at Night Owl Reviews

Marc Holiday from JERR has also reviewed Embroidered Fantasies and gives it 4.5 Stars. Here's a snippet from that review:

"The sexual tension builds between the characters naturally and was both sexy and
touching. Every woman needs a hero, or two to fill her fantasies and these two certainly fit the bill. After reading Embroidered Fantasies, I will definitely be checking out the previous books in the Tapestry Series."

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Kat said...

I LOVE this series.:-)