Monday, November 08, 2010

One Hour Makes Such a Difference

You wouldn't think that one simple hour would make a big difference in our lives one way or another. But apparently it does. Modern Daylight Savings Time was first adopted during the first world war as a way to conserve fuel.

The aim of DST was to save energy, reduce car accidents, allow for my retail shopping time and increase the amount of sunlight in the afternoons so people could enjoy their leisure time. Did it work? There are mixed views on that. Some say that accidents decrease (although not significantly) during DST. Others have shown that the first Monday after DST is a prime time for serious work related injuries. It seems that one hour does matter to our sleep cycles.

In the electronic age we live in it has the potential to really mess things up. It causes havoc with flights and other time-related activities. And then there are all those clocks to turn back. Most of us will have to break out a manuel or two to figure out how to change the clocks on some of our electronic gadgets.

Love it or hate it Daylight Savings Time seems to be here to stay. I hope you remembered to set your clock back this weekend.

Read more about DST on Wikipedia.

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