Friday, August 26, 2011

First Line Friday--Embracing Silence

This week, I'm featuring Embracing Silence in First Line Friday.


Fog blanketed the outer city, wrapping it in dampness and filtering out what little light managed to penetrate from the moon and stars that hung in the night sky. The air was thick with the stench of garbage and human waste.

It was a perfect night for hunting.

Anyone with any sense at all was inside, tucked away in whatever dubious shelter they could find. In a lawless land, even the criminals and killers weren’t out on such a night. It was just too dangerous.

Tienan waited in the shadow of a burnt-out building, the bricks darkened with soot, dirt and age. Motionless. Nothing, not a twitch or a sound, betrayed his position. He could stay like this for hours. And would, until he found out who was following him.

A man in his position couldn’t be too careful.

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