Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Good morning and welcome to Monday. Usually I greet the new week with a big smile and a burst of energy. I'm still smiling, but the energy is low.

Had the big family yard sale yesterday. Four families with all their junk...I mean fine collectable items...on my brothers front yard and driveway. It started out cool and cloudy, but turned into a gorgeous sunny day. Laughed a ton, ate way too much (did I mention it was also a potluck) and made a few bucks. What didn't sell is being swept off to charity this morning thanks to my SIL and her father's truck.

Seven hours in the sun left me with a bit of a sunburn (missed a few spots with the sunscreen, darn it), but nothing bad. Figure it will fade in a day or so. But the fun memories will last a lifetime. I'm already looking forward to the next one, which will probably be in a couple of years time.

Today, I'll take things a bit slower,  maybe even go to a movie. Have to see about that. Either way, I'm sure it will be a great start to the week.

Have a fabulous Monday.


Kat Holmes said...

Next time you should consider wearing a hat to help prevent sunburn. Feel better soon.:-)

N.J.Walters said...

I'm just not a hat person, Kat. Thought I had plenty of sunscreen but missed two small spots. It's not sore or anything, just a little red. Should be better in a day or two.

Hubby was smart and wore a hat, but he didn't use sunscreen on his legs and his knees are sunburned.

Amber Skyze said...

Happy Monday NJ...Enjoy the day.

Mannouchka said...

Oh la la NJ very important to wear sun cream and a cap .
Hope you can rest a little this week


N.J.Walters said...

Thanks, Amber. You too.

I did have sun screen on, Mannouchka, just missed a few tiny spots. The redness is almost faded. :)