Monday, July 09, 2012

Week in Review

This is me lately. I'm a little scattered but that's okay, things are still getting done, albeit a bit slower than I'd like.

Let's see, in the past week or so I've finished rewriting one of my WIP's (Sapphire's Seduction) and have it ready to print off for hubby to read. I'm currently about halfway through the rewrite of another WIP. Once that's done (hopefully by the end of the week) I'll print that one off too. I'm hoping to submit both to my editors before the end of the month.

Getting ready for a family yard sale at my brother's place this coming weekend. Once every two years we all come together to hold a multi-family sale so I've been tearing the apartment apart, going through cupboards and closets finding things to sell and trashing other items. (It's amazing how many boxes I had stored away for things we no longer own.)

Bought new shelves to replace old wicker nightstands in the bedroom. Love them. Will probably replace shelving in the office too. It's old and cheap and I'm ready for a change.

Went to a movie by myself for the very first time on Saturday. It was weird to realize I'd never gone to one by myself before. When I was a kid I went with friends. I met hubby when I was eighteen and we've been going to movies together ever since. But he was busy Saturday afternoon with work so I took myself to see Magic Mike. Dancing was fantastic. Plot...not so much.

That's a brief wrap up of the past week. Hopefully, this week will be a productive one.

Have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

I saw Magic Mike by myself. Great eye candy.