Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Teaser--Embracing Silence

Embracing Silence is the first book in my futuristic Project Alpha series and was nominated for an RT Reviewer's Choice Award. Love the cover for this one.


She was almost through the first strap when she sensed the air behind her stirring. Silence continued to saw frantically at the restraint. He was here. He’d made no sound, and she’d been listening, but he was here. As always, she could sense his very presence, as though the air shifted and made way for him wherever he went.

“You’re resourceful.” His voice was deep and dark and raspy. His words made her shiver with dread. He didn’t sound particularly mad about her escape attempt. He didn’t sound anything at all. His total lack of emotion was more frightening than if he’d bellowed in anger.

Silence almost sobbed with relief when the leather strap gave way. She clawed at the second strap, getting it undone. Not pausing to even think about why he was allowing her to do so, she sawed at the strap around her waist. Blood from several shallow wounds on her wrist dripped down her fingers making it more difficult for her to work.

“How do you plan to get past me?” His question was thoughtful, almost as though he was curious about her intentions.


Susan W. said...

Project Alpha series is one of my favorite! Is there any chance of writing more in it?

Mackenzie McKade said...

Sounds yummy, N.J.

Mannouchka said...

I have read it and enjoy it
Have a nice week and warm day


N.J.Walters said...

Thanks, Mac!

Glad you enjoyed it, Mannouchka. :)