Friday, August 24, 2012

Book of the Week--Fatal Submission by Nicole Austin

Fatal Submission is the latest offering from author Nicole Austin. This is not her usual erotic romance but a BDSM/Erotic Horror tale. BDSM and horror mix naturally when you stop and think about it as BDSM is all about trust. But what happens if that trust is betrayed?

Chilling and it's core, but with a strong romance, this is a must read for anyone who is a fan of the BDSM genre.


Claire Hanson is a submissive in need of a Dom. Finding one in rural Illinois in 1981 is no easy feat but her requirements are simple. Forget complicated limit lists, take charge and give her lots of hot, sweaty sex. On edge, body humming with arousal, Claire aches to have her desires sated. And ruggedly handsome Dominant Mason Burke is the man she wants. But for Mason work comes first and Claire’s tired of waiting.

Mason’s loss is Dr. Carl Skinner’s lucky break. The bonus—Carl’s a rich, drop-dead gorgeous Dom with a real dungeon in his basement. Getting what you want isn’t always a good thing and the game takes a drastic turn Claire never saw coming. According to the Dungeon Master’s victims who still haunt his torture chamber, submission has fatal consequences and she’s running out of time.

Reader Advisory: This scary tale contains graphic scenes of erotic torture and violence that may cause the reader to stay up late reading with all the lights on.

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