Monday, August 06, 2012

The Writer's Life

I think that a lot of folks think writers sit around all day eating and watching television and putting in an hour or two at their computers. Some days that might be true, but the majority of them are spent sitting on our butts while we write, edit and promote our writing.

Honestly, I find that the promoting part takes up  a great part of my time these days. There are blog posts, social media (primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo Groups), advertising, promotional items, contests and the list goes on. Not that I'm complaining. I love talking to readers and other writers, but some days it does feel a little overwhelming.

I've often said I can put in the equivalent of a days work in a two hour period in the morning. How? Once I sit at my computer (the one without internet access) and start writing, I don't move, I don't look away and I don't stop. I'm a very focused person once I begin writing, but the downside is that I can usually only get one writing session in a day because I've got nothing creatively left to give after one of these sessions. But that's okay. It works for me.

And when I'm not writing or promoting...I'm thinking about writing and promoting. I work from home so I never leave work. My desk is in the corner of my living room, a constant reminder that I should be working. So, many evenings you'll find me with my head buried in a book. It's relaxing, but it's also market least that's what I tell myself. *g*

Now I'm off to work!

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